Training and Instruction

Our Range Safety Officers can instruct you on how to safely use your archery equipment or firearms on our ranges

For more in-depth instruction we have relationships with instructors ready to help you hone your skills


BISC has a long standing relationship with Island Archers. For information on archery training and instruction you can see our archery programs page, go to the Island Archers website by clicking here, or get in touch with us…

Handguns and other pistol caliber firearms

Whether you are looking for instruction on the safe handling of firearms or seeking to improve your marksmanship, we can match you with an instructor who can help you reach the level of skill you need.


Don’t know your trap from a five-stand? Whether you are getting ready for hunting season or just wanting to “bust clays”, we can match you with an instructor who will help you hone your skill for the sport of your choice.

Fly Fishing

Bainbridge Island is a great place to fish and with BISC, a great place to learn to fly fish. We can connect you with skilled casting instructors for an exciting introduction to a new sport, a focused session to learn a new skill or instruction on how to improve you cast.

Want to learn from us?