3D Archery

Three-Dimensional Archery has archers shoot at three dimensional, simulated animal targets placed along an outdoor course resembling a hiking trail.

  • These courses present realistic shots typically found while bow hunting.
  • The targets vary in size and simulate different animals at different ranges with unique shooting angles.
  • 3D archery takes archery range shooting into the wild, and is a great new way to have fun with your bow.

Come Shoot 3D Archery With Us

BISC has two connected 3D archery ranges situated on 6 acres of forested land. For a shorter journey use our Course B. For a longer course shooters can connect to Course A from Course B and cover over 1000 yards with shots at over 12 targets.

Course A

  • 650 yard course through forested landscape
  • 8 simulated targets from 10 to 90 yards
  • The 3D “A” course shares common space with the shotgun and pistol caliber ranges.
  • The 3D “A” course is CLOSED during scheduled shotgun and pistol caliber range times.
  • The shotgun and pistol caliber ranges are CLOSED during scheduled 3D archery course “A” times.

Course B

  • 365 yard course through forested landscape
  • 8 simulated targets from 10 to 40 yards

The 3D range is for experienced archers using their personal equipment.  Beginners wanting to shoot 3D targets can do so on our main archery range which has 3D targets usable during Open Shoot sessions.

3D Archery Open Hours and Fees

The 3D Archery range is available by reservation only.

Or send a reservation requests to: ReserveArchery@biscwa.org

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

     Archery Range Fees

     Single time use range fees:

Members $5.00

       A $75 dollar unlimited use annual stamp is available for club members. 

Non-Members $10.00

Group Events

Small (less than 10 individuals) $150

Large (10+ individuals) $300

Minimum age is 8 years old