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Election-Byron Bush

Byron Bush (candidate for Vice President)

It is an honor to be considered for Vice President of the Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club.  I would appreciate your support when you cast your ballot.

I’ve been a BISC member for 3+ years now. You’ve undoubtedly seen me on the trap range either as an RSO, shooter, roof/grounds cleaner, or Shotgun Coach.  As a BISC member, I’ve seen a lot of amazing (and not so amazing) interactions and events take place with the intent of helping the Club.  I believe we can do better!  If elected as Vice President of the Organization, I would like to see to following be made high priority for the new Board and membership…

#1 – Safety needs to be TOP Priority

Given our business, and the world today, safety must be the #1 order of business at BISC.  We absolutely must operate at a 100% level of safety every single day. With the assistance of our Chief RSO/RSO we should:

  • Assess current safety practices on all ranges; enhance safety and safety knowledge and live it every day.
  • Implement regularly scheduled safety related meetings/practice for all ranges/RSO.

#2 – Change the Culture

Changing the culture of an organization is a slow process and starts with leadership.  We need to change the tone of Board meetings; this will hopefully increase attendance and participation. We need to reach out to Membership for help; we have a LOT of good people with wonderful skills and knowledge.  We need to recognize our volunteers; without volunteers we have no club.  We need to establish better business practices; a business cannot succeed without valid current/historic information and a focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  We need to reach out to the community; we are a minority of the community, without the rest we will fade.

#3 – We need some Easy Wins…

  • Appoint a Maintenance Committee; the entire property could use a face lift, from the grounds and buildings, to the bathroom.
  • Appoint a Community Relations Committee; we need a positive message to portray to our neighbors and a focused delivery strategy.
  • Appoint a Repurpose the Rifle Range Committee: let’s start making good use of this space right now.
  • Support the Technology Committee: How nice would it be to check in and pay your range/membership fees with a credit card from your favorite range?

There is so much more on my mind, but that’s a good start.

Feel free to contact me via email at ByronBush@gmail.com if you feel the need to discuss any topic.

It would be an honor to be selected as the next BISC Vice President.  I hope for your support!


Election-Chris Jensen

Chris Jensen (CRSO) – Candidate for Trustee

I am Christopher Jensen. I have been a Trustee of the Bainbridge Island Sportsman Club for over 6 years. I am active in the club as a firearms instructor, range manager, and Chief Range Safety Officer. I am  a retired 25 year police officer of the Bainbridge Island Police Department. I have been a club member for over 15 years and I have been using the clubs ranges for almost 20 years. I was involved in the improvements to the pistol range that improve safety and reduced our noise signature in the community. 

Moving forward, I believe it is important to continue club events that showcase our benefit to the community. Events like Huck and Becky day at the pond for fishing, an information booth during the Fourth of July, dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas, scholarships, firearms and archery education, and continued operation of the pistol, rifle, shotgun, and archery ranges. 

I understand there is some disagreement about using the rifle range. I do not agree that the only course is to abandon that range as a rifle range. When the rifle range was closed it was safe to use. It was closed for the purpose of increasing not only safety but incorporating noise reducing items as well. With that option no longer available, do to what amounts to politics and an anti-firearms mentality by some in the community, my plan is to reestablish the rifle range by putting it back together in the exact same safe configuration it was in pre 2010. At that point we begin using the range for rim-fire rifles only. Once that has been accomplished and it is shown the range is safe, the club can decide about expanding the use for other calibers.  I believe the best way to counter those who oppose our existence is by responding to all inaccurate information about the Club, it’s members, or concerns about safety or health issues with accurate information that is supported by reliable sources and knowledgeable experts in the respective fields. 
As a Trustee, I see my responsibility to be an advocate for the Club and the Club members. That means I make every effort to keep the historic uses and activities. It also means I look for ways to improve them and add to them. To that end, I will support any shooting activity that can be safely performed on our ranges, any training that supports safe firearms handling, and any non-shooting activity that helps showcase the Club as an asset to the community. In closing, I hope that I have the privilege of remaining as a Trustee. I also want to make it clear that even if I do not return as a Trustee I will continue to provide training and serve as the Chief Range Safety Officer with the Boards approval. I would also continue to pursue everything I have addressed above as a club member.
 Christopher Jensen

Election-Reed Martic

Reed Martic (Candidate for Trustee)

Greetings, BISC:  
My name is Reed Martic, and I would like to announce my candidacy for a Trustee position in the Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club.

My family and I moved to the island from the Portland area back in 2014, and I am a relative newcomer to the club with about two years under my belt. I am also a Range Safety Officer, a 20 year corporate retail operations veteran, and Bainbridge’s only active Federal Firearms Licensee, after starting Goat Mountain Arms & Ammo out of our Rolling Bay home about one year ago. We have two children (9 and 13) in the BI School District, and really enjoy all our beautiful island has to offer.

I decided to run for the board position in hopes of becoming even more active at the club while also helping to shape its direction as the island’s population continues this trend of rapid expansion. BISC has so much opportunity to attract new members from both the current population and those still moving to the island. The club is a very family-friendly place, but we can always do better. Please find some of the ideas I plan to bring to the table listed below…

* BISC used to be known as the Bainbridge Island Rod & Gun Club. I would like to bring the fishing back. We continue to host the kids’ fishing derby in the spring, but there is so much more we can do to support the island’s population in their fishing endeavors! By drawing on our collective member skillset as well as creating new partnerships with local experts, we can develop and host classes on the best ways to fish our bountiful waters. This has the potential to attract many new members, especially if we follow up with events designed to put these newfound member skills to good use (think fishing parties at Fay Bainbridge, Chico Creek, Sandy Shore Lake, and other local hotspots).

* Focus on developing more kids’ programs. In our ever-increasing digital age, learning basic outdoor skills like archery, fishing, and shooting not only helps get kids outside, but also ensures our club can attract new families to keep its longstanding existence as an island institution flourishing. It also allows us to focus on safety, the all-important fundamental we should always teach first.

* Seek to bring more nationally-recognized competition programs to BISC. Shooting and archery leagues give extra meaning to developing these skillsets, and help create lifelong appreciation for the outdoors and the sporting lifestyle. The club had a very successful outing with a group of Blakely Elementary students recently, teaching basic marksmanship, safety, and range etiquette. We should be doing this regularly in all the disciplines we offer at the club!

* Let’s look for NEW ways to attract families… How else can we leverage our extensive property to bring new interest to the club? Can we explore creation of a paintball/airsoft arena in the forest above the pistol range? These venues are wildly popular in the Seattle area, as are backyard forests all over the island. Can we work together to make improvements to landscaping, buildings, and the overall appearance of the club to make it not only a landmark on your way down Sportsmen’s and more of a place that makes people turn their heads?

These are but a few of the ideas I am working on, and it would be great to be a part of the board that gets them done. Thank you for your consideration, and please feel free to email me at reed.martic@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss any ideas further.

Election-Terry Mundorf

Terry Mundorf (Candidate for Trustee)

I moved to Bainbridge Island seven years ago.  Prior to coming to Bainbridge, I lived in Mukilteo, Kenmore and Seattle, and was a long-time member of the Kenmore Shooting Range. When I moved to Bainbridge, I was delighted to discover the Bainbridge Island Sportsman’s Club (Club) a mere five minutes from my new home.  The Club is a real treasure that we must work hard to preserve now, and for the future. 
I am running for Trustee because I think that I have skills that can be used to help preserve the Club, and enhance its standing in the community.  I spent my professional career as a lawyer working with consumer owned utilities (such as Snohomish PUD, Seattle City Light), and more particularly with their governing boards.  Further, I served on the Mukilteo Planning Commission, the Mukilteo City Council, and as a Commissioner for the Olympus Terrace Sewer District.  Based on this experience, I have a good understanding of how successful boards operate, and how to make the case for the Club to other boards, commissions and community institutions, such as the Bainbridge Island City Council. 
So what would I try to do as a Trustee?  First and foremost, I would recognize the strengths of the Club.  It is a strong financial position, the physical facilities are generally in good repair and it has a strong membership base.  Further, the Club has a reservoir of good will with the general community, and is recognized as a community asset that does many worthwhile things (Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher fishing to name a couple).  So for starters, I would urge the Board to capitalize on our successes by consciously tooting our own horn, advertising the things that we do for the community to make sure that everyone on Bainbridge knows the good that the Club does.  I also would suggest that the Club conduct more open-house meetings with other community organizations, such as the City Council, the Planning Commission, and other groups of community influence.   Having other Bainbridge residents visit the Club, get to know the Board and Officers, and understand our role can only help the status of the Club in the community. 
We also need to become much more pro-active with our neighbors.  We need to have a group of Club members that reach out to our neighbors to help them understand the role of the Club on Bainbridge.  This would include meeting with new neighbors soon after they move in, on the theory that the first impression is the lasting impression.  Although some neighbors will undoubtedly be anti-club, more are likely to be impressed with our dedication to safety, our limited shooting hours, and our willingness to accommodate their needs from time to time.    In this vein, I would urge the Board to investigate steps that can be taken to manage the noise profile of the shotgun range. 
That said, there are others that are ready and willing to spread lies, half-truths and falsehoods about the Club and its activities.  We must be ready to forcefully counter such efforts with the truth, presented in a calm and confident manner.  The truth cannot prevail unless we are willing to speak it to those who have been told lies and half-truths about the Club. 
There are also actions that can be taken to strengthen the operation of the Club and the Board.  In particular, the Club Bylaws are in need of a major overhaul to create a more understandable and systematic Club operation. Just a couple of examples include establishing the number of Trustees that constitute the Board, clarifying the Officer and Trustee election process, and including an attendance standard for Officers and Trustees.  These provisions are commonly included in club bylaws, and their inclusion would improve the operation of the Board and the Club. 
Finally, I truly believe that we are in the position to ensure the continuance of the Club on Bainbridge Island for the immediate future, and for the long-term as well.  Doing so will require dedication and energy, but the goal is well worth it.  I would very much like to be part of that effort as a Trustee for the Club.

Election-Jack Air

Jack Air (Candidate for Trustee)

I have been. member of the club for about 5 years and hope to continue to enjoy the club and the members for a long time to come. I am active on the board and have managed the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the last 2 years.I am a sometime trap shooter, mostly practicing for bird hunting which I enjoy very much. I have participated in club projects, cleanups etc.  
My vision for the club is to continue to be a responsible member of the community and enjoy the sport opportunities at the club. My views on current events are that the rifle range is unlikely to be revisited and that our most salient issue s the public relations damage done by the local opponents to that and other issues. (noise).  A high priority for me would be the exploration of noise abatement from the trap range  and I have directed the moneys  I donated  for the rifle range be redirected at whatever the board feels  in the interest of the club.
I have been in sales and finance and have formed, run and managed a variety of businesses since college (1965) I have a Bachelor of science in business from Lehigh U , Bethlehem PA, retire 10 years ago from California to BI. I look forward to the opportunities awaiting us at BISC.
Jack Air

Election-David Ward

David Ward (Candidate for President)

I am excited to have the opportunity to run for President of the Bainbridge Island Sportsman’s Club.   My membership in the club goes back many years.  I have been active in pistol shooting and was heavily involved in starting up the youth archery program.  These days I concentrate on trap shooting and five stand.  This is an effort to do a credible job of bird hunting with my new pointer Elle.  The Sportsman’s Club is an important part of my life. 
My BISC club activity in recent years has also included serving as vice president of the club.  This has given me the opportunity to attend and observe a great number of board meeting.  I see many opportunities to improve how the club engages its members and intend to bring those forward in January. 
I am happy to see for the first time in many years we have some new and very well qualified individuals willing to serve as board members.  In my opinion It is time for some new members on our board.  Your support for my candidacy is appreciated.   Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. 
David Ward
206 707 687  Dward451@comcast.net