Rules for the National Shooting Sports Month – Trap range Punch card drawing

Come shoot a round of trap by reserving range time (make a reservation) Every round of trap you shoot in August gets you a ticket for a drawing to win one of two 10 round punch cards.

The Rules:

  1.  Club Officers, Trustees and Shotgun RSOs are not eligible for the drawing.
  2. For each round of trap you shoot in August you get one “ticket” entered in the drawing.
  3. Rounds of trap shot will be based on the member reserving range time and the acting RSOs count of the rounds of trap the member shot during the range session.  Range log counts are final.
  4. The count of rounds shot and therefore tickets entered in your name will be based on the range sign in logs in the range book at close of business 31 August 2020.
  5. The drawing and two winners will be announced on 1 September
  6. The drawing will be done by the Club secretary and attended by at least one other officer or a trustee.