About Our Club

BISC is a group of diverse individuals who value the shooting sports, outdoor activities, and conserving our natural environment for outdoor activities.

Core ValuesVision- We want our club to be a place that:Mission – How we will achieve our vision
SafetyPromotes personal and family safety with firearms, archery equipment and in all aspects of life.Provide and promote personal and family safety training and education with firearms and archery equipment, recreational shooting, hunting and fishing. Require Range Safety Officers for all shooting activities.
Outdoor SportsProvides diverse outdoor sporting activities such as recreational shooting sports, archery, hunting, hiking, camping, photography, orienteering and fishing.Maintain and enhance our existing clubhouse, ranges, and grounds to promote Outdoor Sporting Activities such as recreational shooting, hunting and fishing. Investigate and pursue additional venues in our community for additional outdoor activities.
Conservation of Natural Resource Engages in conservation activities supporting natural resources on site and throughout Bainbridge Island and beyondConserve the natural resources on BISC property. Identify conservation projects and encourage members to participate in such projects in our community and beyond.
Community-Develops and supports an internal sense of community within BISC.
-Is a valued member of the Bainbridge Island community and a go-to resource with regard to Outdoor Sporting Activities such as safety with firearms and archery equipment, recreational shooting, hunting and fishing, as well as conservation of natural resources
Demonstrate a sense of internal BISC community by showing respect for BISC equipment and resources. Identify and implement activities to connect BISC members within BISC as well as with our community. Provide and support resources for BISC and Bainbridge Island community needs.
VolunteerismPromotes meaningful contributions by members for BISC and for the Bainbridge Island community.Identify projects and encourage members to provide volunteer service to BISC and the Bainbridge Island community.
InclusivenessEveryone is welcome to and accommodations are made as appropriateActively seek to provide the accommodations individuals need.

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