The Hunter Safety classes begin at BISC.

We have the Hunter Education times and dates for 2019.  The Club is hosting the sessions and will be actively involved in promoting these valuable sessions.  71 people went through the courses at the club last year and there is space for quite a few more.  We will also be welcoming each group to the class and inviting them to check out the facilities at BISC.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife requires any prospective hunter born after January 1, 1972 to successfully complete a Hunter Education course. Many parents have found these courses an excellent way to have their children receive high quality affordable instruction in firearms safety even if they do not intend to hunt.

The courses are offered in two ways. The first is the most popular. The student signs up and completes an online course. Once that is successfully completed, they must attend a four-hour classroom session to complete the training, which is held locally at the Bainbridge Island Sportsman’s Club. To sign up for the online course go to

The online classroom sessions are offered on the following dates and times.

March 6th 4-8 PM

March 23rd 8-12 noon

April 13th 8-12 noon

May 18th 8-12 noon

June 29th 8-12 noon

August 7th 4-8 PM

August 28th 4-8 PM

September 14th 8-12 noon

The course is also offered in a series of classroom sessions, with no online piece.

June 3rd to 7th 6-9 PM plus June 8th 8-5 PM

July 15th to 18th at 6-9 PM plus July 20th 8-5 PM

To sign up for these classroom sessions go to

The Bainbridge Island Sportsman’s Club is located at 8203 Sportsman’s Club Road on Bainbridge

Island. All courses are held at this location


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