Shotgun Range FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the shotgun range.

When are you open?
Please see the Shotgun Range Hours and Fees page.

Do I need to be a member?
No, our ranges are all open to the public.

What are the age restrictions?
Adults and minors accompanied by adults are welcome.

Can I come if I’ve consumed some alcohol or drugs?
No, you should not come to the range if you have consumed alcohol, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, or any substance that impair normal functioning.

Can a woman participate in this sport?
Absolutely, women of any age can and do participate in the sports of clay target shooting.

Do I need to bring my own shotgun, ear protection, and glasses?
You should bring your own shotgun, ear protection, and glasses. If you do not have a shotgun and cannot borrow one from someone, you can contact the club and we will try to make arrangements for an extra shotgun that you can use. We do keep a supply of foam ear protection that we can sell you, and we have extra safety glasses and shooting pouches that you can borrow.

What kind of shotgun do you recommend?
A short barreled home defense shotgun is not recommended and not allowed on our range other than for a test fire. Other shotguns suitable for target shooting or hunting will work for trap and 5-stand. An over/under type shotgun is most popular, but pumps and auto loaders are also used. Most people shoot a 12 gauge, and 20 gauge is also used. We try and maintain ammunition for both of these gauges.

If I have never fired a shotgun, will someone show me how?
Absolutely! During your range safety briefing and orientation, the Range Safety Officer (RSO) will make sure you understand how your shotgun works, and will be with you on the firing line to help coach you.

Will I be safe on the range?
Absolutely! Safety is our primary concern at all times. The Range Safety Officer (RSO) on duty will make sure you are operating in a safe manner at all times, as well as other shooters. Any shooter not following all safety rules will be corrected and/or ejected from the range.

What kind of ammunition do you recommend?
We sell appropriate ammunition. In purchasing your own ammunition make sure of three things: it is the right gauge for your shotgun (i.e. 12 ga or 20 ga); it is a target load of size 7 1/2 or 8 lead (not steel), and it is no more than 3 dram equivalent (this refers to the power, 2 3/4 dram equivalent is a standard target load and will have less felt recoil than 3 dram). Do not bring field loads, magnum loads, or steel shot loads.

Can I make special arrangements to bring a group of people?
Please contact us by email at with your request, including all the details and someone will reply to your request.