Reservation Request for The Archery range

During the COVID-19 period we are requiring reservations to use the Archery range.

All Archers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent when on the Archery range. No exceptions.

Please complete a reservation request by coping and pasting or typing in the following information to an email and and send the reservation request to:


Membership #__________

Phone #_________________________________________


Date you want to shoot _MM_/_DD_/_YY

Time (squad) you want to shoot _____________

We will process your request ASAP and send you confirmation of the time and date you can shoot . At any one time, we can only have 6 shooters on the line with one RSO. Everyone is welcome, members and public.

In the event we need to cancel we will notify you by email or phone immediately. If you cannot make your reservation time you MUST contact us at least ONE HOUR before your start time.

  • Print, fill in and bring with you to the range the Sign-in and Waiver form available below
  • Wear your mask or facial covering at all times if you are not fully vaccinated.
  • You can rent our archery equipment if you don’t have your own.
  • Please bring exact change or a check for range fees. No change will be returned, and credit cards are not accepted.