Reservation Request for Pistol Caliber range

During the COVID-19 period we are requiring reservations to use the Pistol Caliber range.

At this time only club members will be allowed to use our facilities

Please complete a reservation request by coping and pasting or typing in the following information to an email and and send the reservation request to:

Name ­­­­­__________________________________ Membership # ______________

Phone # _____________________________________

Email ________________________________________________________

Date you want to shoot _MM_/_DD_/_YY

Time (squad) you want to shoot _____________

Are you a new shooter to the range? Y/ N

Will you be shooting with someone from your same household? Y/N

We will process your request ASAP and send you confirmation of the time and date you can shoot . At this time, this reservation is for members only and only 3 shooters are allowed on the range at any one time.

In the event we need to cancel we will notify you by email or phone immediately.

  • Print, fill in and bring with you to the range the Sign-in and Waiver form available below
  • YOU MUST WATCH the Pistol Caliber Range Shooter’s Video before arriving at the range.
  • Please show up in the parking lot about 10 minutes early and get your gear organized and ready to enter the range when called by the RSO.
  • Stay at/in your vehicle until called by RSO.
  • We will not be using the clubhouse except to use the restrooms.
  • Wear your mask or facial covering at all times except when actually shooting.
  • Bring only your firearm (in the case is ok), ammo, safety gear – earplugs and glasses onto the range.
  • Maintain a minimum of 6ft between yourself and other people.
  • Please bring exact change or a check for range fees. No change will be returned, and credit cards are not accepted.

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