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Military Discounts now available – Active Duty or Retired

New Military applicants will have their Initiation Fee waived in full. A savings of $75. This change is being made to focus our attention and to show our appreciation for those who serve and the sacrifices they endure to keep Americans safe and free.

To take advantage of this change you will need to keep on thing in mind. As our Membership system does not have a way to make this discount automatic just go through the sign up process as normal (making sure your DoD ID Number is included) and then when the invoice is created you will see the normal $75 Initiation Fee included. Just ignore this amount and pay for everything listed except the $75 Fee. Then when our Membership Chairperson (Shelley) reviews and approves your Membership she will post a credit to your account and the balance will go to zero. Sorry for the extra step but this way we can make this happen.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Club!

Here’s a link to the Membership Page.

Youth Memberships now available!

If your young sportsman or sportswoman aged 10-17 is dragging you to the range so they can get in some extra practice, please consider an annual Membership just for them! Youth Members will be able to get the Membership-level range fees, or they can add an annual range pass for an additional fee, which allows unlimited range access during open shooting times on the schedule. Youth Membership will be $50 annually, without an initiation fee. Along with the Membership application, a signed waiver by the parent or guardian will need to be submitted to complete the processing. Both the updated Membership form and the waiver is available on the website.