Election-Reed Martic

Reed Martic (Candidate for Trustee)

Greetings, BISC:  
My name is Reed Martic, and I would like to announce my candidacy for a Trustee position in the Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club.

My family and I moved to the island from the Portland area back in 2014, and I am a relative newcomer to the club with about two years under my belt. I am also a Range Safety Officer, a 20 year corporate retail operations veteran, and Bainbridge’s only active Federal Firearms Licensee, after starting Goat Mountain Arms & Ammo out of our Rolling Bay home about one year ago. We have two children (9 and 13) in the BI School District, and really enjoy all our beautiful island has to offer.

I decided to run for the board position in hopes of becoming even more active at the club while also helping to shape its direction as the island’s population continues this trend of rapid expansion. BISC has so much opportunity to attract new members from both the current population and those still moving to the island. The club is a very family-friendly place, but we can always do better. Please find some of the ideas I plan to bring to the table listed below…

* BISC used to be known as the Bainbridge Island Rod & Gun Club. I would like to bring the fishing back. We continue to host the kids’ fishing derby in the spring, but there is so much more we can do to support the island’s population in their fishing endeavors! By drawing on our collective member skillset as well as creating new partnerships with local experts, we can develop and host classes on the best ways to fish our bountiful waters. This has the potential to attract many new members, especially if we follow up with events designed to put these newfound member skills to good use (think fishing parties at Fay Bainbridge, Chico Creek, Sandy Shore Lake, and other local hotspots).

* Focus on developing more kids’ programs. In our ever-increasing digital age, learning basic outdoor skills like archery, fishing, and shooting not only helps get kids outside, but also ensures our club can attract new families to keep its longstanding existence as an island institution flourishing. It also allows us to focus on safety, the all-important fundamental we should always teach first.

* Seek to bring more nationally-recognized competition programs to BISC. Shooting and archery leagues give extra meaning to developing these skillsets, and help create lifelong appreciation for the outdoors and the sporting lifestyle. The club had a very successful outing with a group of Blakely Elementary students recently, teaching basic marksmanship, safety, and range etiquette. We should be doing this regularly in all the disciplines we offer at the club!

* Let’s look for NEW ways to attract families… How else can we leverage our extensive property to bring new interest to the club? Can we explore creation of a paintball/airsoft arena in the forest above the pistol range? These venues are wildly popular in the Seattle area, as are backyard forests all over the island. Can we work together to make improvements to landscaping, buildings, and the overall appearance of the club to make it not only a landmark on your way down Sportsmen’s and more of a place that makes people turn their heads?

These are but a few of the ideas I am working on, and it would be great to be a part of the board that gets them done. Thank you for your consideration, and please feel free to email me at reed.martic@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss any ideas further.

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