Election-Byron Bush

Byron Bush (candidate for Vice President)

It is an honor to be considered for Vice President of the Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club.  I would appreciate your support when you cast your ballot.

I’ve been a BISC member for 3+ years now. You’ve undoubtedly seen me on the trap range either as an RSO, shooter, roof/grounds cleaner, or Shotgun Coach.  As a BISC member, I’ve seen a lot of amazing (and not so amazing) interactions and events take place with the intent of helping the Club.  I believe we can do better!  If elected as Vice President of the Organization, I would like to see to following be made high priority for the new Board and membership…

#1 – Safety needs to be TOP Priority

Given our business, and the world today, safety must be the #1 order of business at BISC.  We absolutely must operate at a 100% level of safety every single day. With the assistance of our Chief RSO/RSO we should:

  • Assess current safety practices on all ranges; enhance safety and safety knowledge and live it every day.
  • Implement regularly scheduled safety related meetings/practice for all ranges/RSO.

#2 – Change the Culture

Changing the culture of an organization is a slow process and starts with leadership.  We need to change the tone of Board meetings; this will hopefully increase attendance and participation. We need to reach out to Membership for help; we have a LOT of good people with wonderful skills and knowledge.  We need to recognize our volunteers; without volunteers we have no club.  We need to establish better business practices; a business cannot succeed without valid current/historic information and a focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  We need to reach out to the community; we are a minority of the community, without the rest we will fade.

#3 – We need some Easy Wins…

  • Appoint a Maintenance Committee; the entire property could use a face lift, from the grounds and buildings, to the bathroom.
  • Appoint a Community Relations Committee; we need a positive message to portray to our neighbors and a focused delivery strategy.
  • Appoint a Repurpose the Rifle Range Committee: let’s start making good use of this space right now.
  • Support the Technology Committee: How nice would it be to check in and pay your range/membership fees with a credit card from your favorite range?

There is so much more on my mind, but that’s a good start.

Feel free to contact me via email at ByronBush@gmail.com if you feel the need to discuss any topic.

It would be an honor to be selected as the next BISC Vice President.  I hope for your support!


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