Election-Chris Jensen

Chris Jensen (CRSO) – Candidate for Trustee

I am Christopher Jensen. I have been a Trustee of the Bainbridge Island Sportsman Club for over 6 years. I am active in the club as a firearms instructor, range manager, and Chief Range Safety Officer. I am  a retired 25 year police officer of the Bainbridge Island Police Department. I have been a club member for over 15 years and I have been using the clubs ranges for almost 20 years. I was involved in the improvements to the pistol range that improve safety and reduced our noise signature in the community. 

Moving forward, I believe it is important to continue club events that showcase our benefit to the community. Events like Huck and Becky day at the pond for fishing, an information booth during the Fourth of July, dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas, scholarships, firearms and archery education, and continued operation of the pistol, rifle, shotgun, and archery ranges. 

I understand there is some disagreement about using the rifle range. I do not agree that the only course is to abandon that range as a rifle range. When the rifle range was closed it was safe to use. It was closed for the purpose of increasing not only safety but incorporating noise reducing items as well. With that option no longer available, do to what amounts to politics and an anti-firearms mentality by some in the community, my plan is to reestablish the rifle range by putting it back together in the exact same safe configuration it was in pre 2010. At that point we begin using the range for rim-fire rifles only. Once that has been accomplished and it is shown the range is safe, the club can decide about expanding the use for other calibers.  I believe the best way to counter those who oppose our existence is by responding to all inaccurate information about the Club, it’s members, or concerns about safety or health issues with accurate information that is supported by reliable sources and knowledgeable experts in the respective fields. 
As a Trustee, I see my responsibility to be an advocate for the Club and the Club members. That means I make every effort to keep the historic uses and activities. It also means I look for ways to improve them and add to them. To that end, I will support any shooting activity that can be safely performed on our ranges, any training that supports safe firearms handling, and any non-shooting activity that helps showcase the Club as an asset to the community. In closing, I hope that I have the privilege of remaining as a Trustee. I also want to make it clear that even if I do not return as a Trustee I will continue to provide training and serve as the Chief Range Safety Officer with the Boards approval. I would also continue to pursue everything I have addressed above as a club member.
 Christopher Jensen

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