Archery Rules & Procedures

Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club
Archery Range Safety Rules

All Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club General Range Safety Rules Apply to the Archery Range.   Please: No Use of Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco; Embrace Courtesy, and Sportsmanship; No Running

Range Commands:

  • One blast “Shoot”
  • Two blasts “Get bows”
  • Three blasts “Go get arrows”
  • Five blasts or more “Emergency / Stop shooting”
  1. Follow the commands given by the Range Safety Officer/Instructor
    (The Range Safety Officer’s (RSO) decision is  FINAL.)
  2. No one down range of the shooting line until the RSO declares the range safe by blowing
    three blasts on the whistle.
  3. All spectators shall remain behind the waiting line at all times. Coaches and designated
    assistants may stand behind the archer inside the firing line.
  4. No nocked arrows when there are people downrange
  5. Once an arrow is nocked the arrow MUST be pointed down range
  6. Arrows may only be shot at approved targets
  7. Only bullet point, target or field point arrow tips may be used.
    (Hunters sighting in may use broadhead points only on their own targets and only at
    designated times)
  8. When a “cease fire” or “emergency” command is given no arrow will be released. If at full
    draw, point the arrow at the ground and slowly let the bow string forward, remove the arrow from the bow and return it to the quiver.
  9. Minors must be accompanied by an adult – at least one adult for every two minors)
    (Youth archery classes are at the instructor’s discretion re: adult to minor ratio.)
  10. Restrictions: Draw weight of #85 or less. Crossbows may be used by physically limited
    individuals.  Maximum draw weight for crossbows is #85.

General Archery Safety Rules

  1. Never draw a bow without having an arrow nocked (dry fire)
  2. Never shoot a damaged arrow or defective bow.
  3. No shooting by over-bowed archers (Over-bowed = Archer using a bow that is above their
    reasonable draw weight)
  4. Use appropriate arrow weight and length for your bow and your draw length. All equipment
    on the range is subject to approval at the RSO discretion
  5. Inspect your bow and arrows before beginning practice
  6. When removing arrows from the target stand to the side, only one person may remove arrow from a target at a time.
  7. Do not stand in front of a target someone is pulling arrows from
  8. Arrows should be in a quiver or carried to the side point down.When a class or competition has additional safety rules, those rules will be adhered to as if they were standard club rules. Violation of any range rule will be reported to the range s afety officer. The Range Safety Officer will determine the corrective action needed. (See Rule 1)

Archery Range Safety Rules in PDF format can be found here.